I have taken Photographs throughout my life, outside a career in Emergency Medicine. Taking photographs whilst working clinically created ethical conflict and was rarely pursued – thus most of my work has been created away from my clinical field.

My images are my memories.

Member of the Marches Independent Photographers Group (www.mipgroup.org.uk)

Walking on fallen leaves

Walking on fallen leaves

Timeline – 2020:

February          Shrewsbury flooding:

April                 Qube on-line Photographic competition and exhibition – Oswestry

March – June  “Lockdown”- daily Images posted during the Covid-19 pandemic

June              MIP on-line exhibition – “Off the Wall” (www.mipgroup.org.uk)

July                 Qube Art Open 2020 Exhibition – on-line and on the wall – theme “Reflections”

August            Film-making – “Bees….a closer look”

August          Film-making – “Printmakers Pushing the Boundaries”

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